Engineers Need Art

16 Apr 2021

I thought I might want a place to share my projects, thoughts, and such.

As an example, a project I have undertaken recently is a mechanical keyboard. Initially it was to be an ASCII keyboard, of the sort that Steve Wozniak would have used on his first Apple I computer. It always felt a bit like cheating to adapt a PS/2 or USB keyboard to use with an old 8-bit computer.

After hand-wiring a key matrix and playing with different layouts (here: it became clear a PCB was the next step. And as soon as a PCB is involved I realize that I may have a kit or board to sell down the road.

But I don't really have a site where I can make available such a board, host documentation about the board, etc.

So here we are.

This is a bit orthogonal: as I experimented with the keyboard in prototype form I found it would be easy to make it also serve as a modern USB keyboard making it a rather unsual hybrid. As I considered it in that dual role I began then to add a caps-lock key, additional modifer keys (such as alt), etc.

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